Private Paris Food Tour for Families: A Culinary Adventure

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Made For You

Tailor-made tours ensure every age is entertained.

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Local Taste

Experience Paris through the eyes of a chef and dad.

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Beyond Food

Our support extends to your entire Paris journey.

Embark on a culinary journey tailored just for your family with our bespoke Paris Food Tour for Families!

Perfect for food enthusiasts of all ages, this unique adventure is customizable to fit your family’s schedule, interests, and dietary preferences. Whether it’s a quick 2-hour tasting tour or an immersive 6-hour gastronomic exploration, we’ve got you covered. Dive into the rich history of Paris and French gastronomy, savor a variety of tastings, and engage in delightful activities designed for both kids and adults. From treasure hunts that captivate the young ones to exclusive wine tasting sessions for the adults, every moment is crafted to ensure an unforgettable experience for the whole family. Join us and make lasting memories while discovering the tastes of Paris from 0 to 108 years old!

Family and Parties love our bespoke food tours in Paris

Why Choose Our Family-Friendly Food Tour?

Our Family-Friendly Food Tour stands out for its personal touch, flexibility, and kid-friendly options, ensuring a delightful experience for every member of your family. We customize each tour to align with your family’s preferences, including scheduling, dietary needs, and interests. This bespoke approach means you can explore Paris at your own pace, with tastings and activities that cater to both adults and children. From engaging treasure hunts for the little ones to exclusive wine tastings for adults, our tour promises an enriching journey through Paris’s culinary landscape, making it a perfect choice for families seeking an unforgettable adventure.

  1. Tailored to Your Family: Our tours are customized to fit your family’s preferences, ages, and dietary needs, ensuring an enjoyable experience for everyone, from toddlers to grandparents.
  2. Engaging Activities for All Ages: From treasure hunts for kids to wine tastings for adults, our tours include activities that cater to every family member, making your Parisian food adventure unforgettable.
  3. Expert Local Insight: Led by a chef and parent, our tours offer deep culinary insights and personal anecdotes, providing a unique perspective on Paris’s food scene and culture, making your experience truly authentic and enriching.

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A Food Tour Made for Your Family

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Explore Paris Through Its Flavours

Paris is not just a city to behold; it’s a world to taste. We are here to help you explore Paris through its flavors. You’re family are not just visitors; you’re adventurers, diving into a city where every corner offers something new to savor. Our private, family-friendly food tours are crafted to match your unique tastes and interests, offering a smorgasbord of culinary delights. From iconic dishes to hidden gems, we curate experiences that are as diverse as Paris itself. Let us guide you through a bespoke journey where every bite tells a story of history, culture, and innovation. Wan’t some ideas? We have plenty to get you started!

For Everyone

  • Sweet Sensations: Beyond ordinary croissants, dive into Paris’s sweetest treasures.
  • Behind-the-Scenes Magic: Unlock the secrets of Parisian artisans and chefs in their culinary lairs.
  • Chef’s Secrets Unveiled: Snag invaluable cooking tips straight from the source.
  • Taste Bud Titans: Embark on tastings so thrilling, they’ll send shivers down your spine.
  • Sweet vs. Savory Showdowns: Let your family decide in a playful tasting battle.
  • Cheese Chronicles: Unravel the stories behind France’s beloved cheeses.
  • Pastry Pursuits: Hands-on pastry making with a local maestro.
  • Choco-Tales: Discover the world of French chocolatiers and their decadent creations.
  • Gluten-Free Galore: Navigate Paris’s culinary landscape with our guide to gluten-free gastronomy.
  • Market Meanderings: Navigate through bustling markets for a hands-on taste of local life.
  • Sip and Sketch: Savor a drink while capturing Parisian scenes in a sketch, led by a local artist.
  • Vegetarian Ventures: Savor Paris’s vibrant veggie scene, from leafy delights to plant-based wonders.
  • Vino Ventures: Swirl, sniff, and sip through France’s exquisite wine tapestry.
  • Artist’s Palette to Palate: Exclusive visits to artists’ studios paired with thematic tastings.
  • French Flair Lessons: Pick up some local lingo while tasting; parfait for foodies and linguists alike.
  • Festival Feasting: Insider access to Paris’s top food festivals; a true feast for the senses.
  • Gourmet Grinds: Discover Paris’s coffee revolution; it’s not just about the wine here.
  • Chocolate Châteaux: Delve into the decadent world of Parisian chocolatiers and their craft.
  • Palate Pioneers: Dare to try the unthinkable, with our encouraging nudge.

For little ones

  • Little Chefs Corner: Engaging activities to keep the mini food critics busy.
  • Gastronomic Quests: Engage in treasure hunts that tickle the taste buds and the brain.
  • Ice Cream Dreams: Scoop up Paris’s best gelato and sorbets on a sweet exploration.
  • Crepe Creatives: Twirl your way through the city’s most imaginative crêperies.
  • Babysitting in Bistro Style: Enjoy your gourmet evening worry-free with our recommended English-speaking babysitters.

For Teens

  • Manners à la Française: Master dining etiquette to dine anywhere in the world with French finesse.
  • Street Art Savors: Combine street art tours with bites at hip spots; where flavor meets spray paint.
  • TikTok Tastes: Dive into the most TikTok-trending spots in Paris for that perfect video moment.
  • Instagrammable Indulgences: Discover Paris’s most photogenic eats that’ll get your followers double-tapping in no time.
  • Street Food Stories: Explore the stories behind Paris’s street food scene, one Instagram story at a time.
  • Viral Delights Discovery: Hunt for the next big culinary trend and be the first to share it on your feed.
  • Snap & Sip: Experience Paris’s coolest beverage trends, from bubble tea to artisanal sodas, perfect for your teens social media aesthetic.

Booking Your Private Food Tour in Paris

The Art of Bespoke Booking: How you book our bespoke family food tour of Paris

  1. Let’s Get Acquainted: Reach out and express your interest in a private tour. We’ll set up a quick video call (15-20 mins) to understand your party’s culinary preferences.
  2. Tailored Proposals in a Flash: Within 48 hours, we’ll craft two personalized tour proposals and send them your way.
  3. Your Party, Your Adventure: Pick the proposal that best suits your party’s taste. Make it yours by tweaking as needed.
  4. Seal the Deal: Confirm your chosen tour, set the date, and secure your party-ready adventure with a deposit.
  5. Bonjour, Paris: We’ll be waiting to welcome your party to Paris, ready to turn your culinary dreams into unforgettable memories.

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Lets Cook Up Your Next Family Adventure

A Picture of Chef Tris and His Family enjoying Paris food tour for families

Meet Your Culinary Guide

Thats me and my family in the picture! Your guide to a family-friendly culinary voyage in Paris, Chef Tris— I’m a trained chef, dedicated dad, and beloved uncle to twelve nieces and nephews ranging from 1 to 20 years old. With a passion for French cuisine and a deep understanding of family needs, I craft each of my tours to entertain, educate, and enchant guests of all ages.

Dive into a Parisian food adventure with me, we will build it together so it’s tailored just for your family. You will be delighted and suprised, because every bite tells a story and together we will create memories to last a lifetime.

Get to know the Food and the Neighbourhood – Highly Recommend!

We toured with Chef Tris – it was a great day with such good information – we learned more about the backstory of French bread with him than we did the next day when we took a french bread baking class. We sat at a cafe and had some croissants, went and learned more about the food labeling in France in a little specialty shop. Walked up some hilly roads with the usual cobblestones. Very quaint. It likely goes without saying to wear good shoes. Then we finished it off at the restaurant in very cozy quarters – but our group got along so well we didn’t mind being seated rubbing shoulders. The lunch was really fabulous – with cheese, wine, really delicious escargot, beef bourguignon, bread. We learned the history of the area and the food we were eating. Topped it off outside with macaroon and champagne. Truly a wonderful experience.


What to Expect On Your Paris For Tour For Families

Expect a journey tailored just for you and your family with our Private Paris Food Tour for Families. Before your arrival in France, we’ll spend time getting to know your preferences and budget, crafting several tour options for you. Look forward to a tailor-made package that entertains and delights everyone, from the tiniest tots to the grown-ups. Beyond the culinary adventure, we’re here to enhance your Parisian experience, offering assistance with restaurant recommendations, bookings, and tips for exploring Paris and Europe to make every moment of your trip memorable.

Customizable Itineraries to Suit Your Family

Our Private Paris Food Tour for Families is designed with flexibility to cater to your unique needs, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable experience for everyone.

Tailored to accommodate dietary restrictions, personal interests, and the ages of all family members, we ensure the tour is a perfect fit for your family. From navigating food allergies to engaging the curiosity of children and adults alike, our tour is crafted to deliver a delightful and worry-free adventure through Paris’s culinary landscape.

To give you an idea of how your food tours may work for your family, here are two tours we have built for a small and a large family.

Eiffel Tower Paris, France logo - you are bound to spot this on your trip to Paris with us!

Kid Friendly Tour

for a Family of 5

This family friendly food tour was made for a family of 5 including 3 children.

The goal of this food tour was to explore why French Food is so delicious and teach the kids how to eat like the french

On the Menu

Pick up at the airBnB & visit to a french bakery with tastings and lessons on the history of french bread.

Tour of a Market including a game of food themed eye spy with treats for the kids.

Wine tasting for the parents and french cartoons for the little ones.

Dropped off at a kid friendly restaurant for lunch.

Practical Info

What was included – Tastings, Pick up, Drawing materiels and custom activity books for the kids. Snacks and tastings in the market. Wine tasting. Restaurant selection and reservations.

Meeting Point – Family was met at a French Market

Total Time – 3 Hours

Total Cost – €350

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Big Family Food Adventure

For a Family or 9

This family friendly food tour was written for a family of 9 including 2 grandparents, 3 Teens and 4 adults.

The goal of this food tour was to explore why French Food is so delicious and allow the adults to enjoy a leisurely lunch in a Gastronomic Parisian restaurant while the teens explored Paris with a treasure hunt and Lunch.

On the Menu

Pick up at the hotel.

Visit a coffee roaster with tasting and pastries.

A tour of a large well known food store for souvenir shopping.

Drop off adults at a michelin star lunch.

Teens were then lead on a food themed treasure hunt and taken to a gaming cafe for lunch.

Practical Info

What was included – Everything including Tastings, Lunch, Kids Activities & Treasure hunt

Meeting Point – Family was picked up at their hotel at 9.45 am

Total Time – 6 Hours

Total Cost – €1600

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Paris Food Tour for Families – FAQs

Why are your Tours Cheaper Than Others?

We do not advertise our food tours on sites like TripAdvisor or Viator meaning that we can save you the 30% commission these site’s charge. This way we can guarantee that a lot more of your money is being spent on food and activities for your family!

How Much Can I Expect to Spend Per Person?

While the sky’s the limit in Paris, you can expect to spend between 100 and 350 euro’s per adult – depending on the length of the tour, what we are eating, drinking and doing. Kids under 5 are free and children between 6 and 14 are half price!

How Long Does it Take To Build Us a Private Food Tour?

Once we have all the information of the type of food tour you want to do and have confirmed we have availability on the date you want to take a Tour. We send you 3 options in 48 hours and once you have confirmed with the rest of the family. We can go ahead and get everything confirmed.

How do I book a Private Paris Food Tour for my family?

Booking is easy! Send us an email to with the details of the tour you want to do and the date you want to do it and we will be in touch. Or even easier so, scroll up to for more information on booking and to schedule your personalized family friendly food tour in Paris.

What makes your Paris food tour family-friendly?

Our tours are designed with families in mind, offering a blend of child-friendly activities and tastings that appeal to adults, ensuring a memorable experience for every age.

Can you accommodate dietary restrictions on your food tour?

Absolutely! We tailor each tour to suit dietary preferences and restrictions, making sure everyone enjoys their culinary journey through Paris.

What’s included in the price?

The price includes a personalized tour tailored to your family’s preferences, tasting fees, activities for both kids and adults, and exclusive access to artisans and chefs. Transportation during the tour and personal expenses are not covered.

What’s your cancellation policy?

Cancellations made up to a week before the tour date will receive a full refund. Cancellations within 48 hours of the tour date are subject to a 20% fee. No-shows or cancellations within 48 hours will not be refunded. We will do our best to accommodate you and your family, we travel too and understand that things happen that you can’t control.

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Happy Families: Our Paris Food Tour Reviews

Hear it straight from those who’ve walked, tasted, and experienced it with us! Our tour reviews aren’t just accolades; they’re stories, laughter, and memories shared by families like yours. Dive into their experiences to see why our Private Paris Food Tour for Families is more than a meal—it’s a journey through Paris as you’ve never seen it before. Don’t just take our word for it; let their adventures inspire yours!

Get to know the Food and the Neighbourhood – Highly Recommend!

We toured with Chef Tris – it was a great day with such good information – we learned more about the backstory of French bread with him than we did the next day when we took a french bread baking class. We sat at a cafe and had some croissants, went and learned more about the food labeling in France in a little specialty shop. Walked up some hilly roads with the usual cobblestones. Very quaint. It likely goes without saying to wear good shoes. Then we finished it off at the restaurant in very cozy quarters – but our group got along so well we didn’t mind being seated rubbing shoulders. The lunch was really fabulous – with cheese, wine, really delicious escargot, beef bourguignon, bread. We learned the history of the area and the food we were eating. Topped it off outside with macaroon and champagne. Truly a wonderful experience.


Amazing Food Tour

We had the most incredible afternoon with the most delicious Escargot, and Beef Bourguignon. Our guide Chef Tris was beyond amazing. This is a most when visiting Paris. I highly recommend doing it at the beginning of your trip.

Tina J.

Uniquely satisfying slice of food, wine and Parisian life. Unforgettable

Tris (AKA The Broke Brit in Paris) was outstanding. Together we learnt so much about how food, politics and Parisian culture are firmly entwined. We were very lucky the all the others on our tour were awesome, all from various places and backgrounds but all united by a passion for food (and wine). As the food tasting (and wine) flowed so did the enjoyment. Stories were shared amongst the group. Laughter and even song from a local singer. An interesting and intimate way to learn and experience a French food focused Paris.

Matthew E.

A great experience with Tris

Tris was an amazing tour guide. This was a very worthwhile experience. The food was great. My first time trying snails! A highlight of our trip to France.

Dina M.

A fantastic day with Chef Tris

Chef Tris was an amazing guide and had a wealth of knowledge about the food scene in Paris. He helped us get a great feel for Julia Child’s neighborhood and the Parisian environment where she lived. We became baguette “experts” learning about the it’s creation and how to identify a great bakery. Tris taught us how to recognize an authentic, handmade baguette. We are still using what he taught us to find authentic French baguettes. A must do trip for anyone who loves food.

Thomas S.

Ready to Taste Paris?

Ready to embark on a culinary journey tailored just for your family? Fill out the form below to book your Private Paris Food Tour for Families and dive into a world of flavors, fun, and unforgettable Parisian experiences. Let’s make your family’s adventure in Paris truly special.

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