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The First Food Tour I ever Lead Alone Eat Like The French! June 14, 2023

A Letter From Our Founding Food Tour Guide


I’m Tris, the passionate creator behind “Eat Like the French” your friendly food tour guide for Paris, unraveling the delicious mysteries of Parisian cuisine. Despite being British by birth, my heart was forever stolen by the magic of French cooking when I first tasted its wonders during a family holiday at the tender age of 8. Fast forward to today, and I’ve proudly called France my home for over a decade.

Living in France, speaking the language, and having trained as a chef in the hallowed kitchens of Paris, I bring a distinctive perspective on how to truly “Eat Like the French.” I understand the nuances that may bewilder those unfamiliar with French gastronomy and customs, and I’m here to be your culinary compass through the intricacies of it all.

My career in the kitchen started when I was 13, I worked in the kitchen of a local pub in the UK where I chopped chips and prepped vegetables for service. We moved to France with my parents when I was 16 and by the time I was 18, working in a kitchen was all I wanted to do. I quit school avoided going to university. Instead I moved to Paris armed with a book given to me by my parents of the 50 best restaurants in Paris. I called every restaurant and hotel in the book until I got myself an interview at the Ritz Hotel. The rest is history, I worked in Michelin starred restaurants around France and the UK until the lifestyle took it’s toll on me and I left my life as a chef.

I left the kitchen, what is now many years ago to chase a career in tech. I was lucky to enjoy a successful career working as a recruiter starting and building several communities and companies but eventually that too left me burnt out. I realised, I was hungry to return to working with food. In the spring of 2023 I found a job ad looking for ex-chefs who wanted to lead food tours in Paris. I fell in love immediately with the work, I have always dreamed of creating food content and helping people understand more about french food. It didn’t turn out as I expected, you can read more about that in a series of blogs I wrote on this site. I realised how most food tour companies are scamming their clients. However, it was this unique experience that lead me to realise I had the skills to build a better food tour company here in the city I love and call home, Paris.

These days, my mission is to share the love and knowledge of French cuisine by leading immersive Food Tours around the enchanting streets of Paris. Whether you’re planning a visit to the City of Lights or already savouring life in France, I’m here to be your culinary ally.

Explore my website for insightful reviews, helpful guides, and essential advice to make the most of your food journey. Feel free to scroll down for some of my free food tourism tips, and if you’re ready to embark on a flavorful adventure, check out the details at the bottom or drop me a message.

Let’s Eat Like the French, take our time and make your Parisian culinary dreams a reality!

Caviar on a Food Tour Eat Like The French! June 14, 2023

Our Company Values

We want to build a company that has a positive impact on the world around us.

We are humanists and believe that everything we do should benefit humanity by taking care of the health and safety needs of people and the environment.

We try and be inclusive and caring for all those around us.

We believe in being transparent in the way we work. From the way we share content or working with suppliers or talk to our guests. Transparency is key to showing we are here for the best of every person we work with. That means;

  • We refuse to take any form or payment for reviews we write or share.
  • We do not promote products, restaurants or food that we do not ourselves eat.
  • We do not take commission on any food you taste on our tours.

We believe that great food is honest, treated with respect, care and is best tasted shared with wonderful company. We want you to feel like working with our company is like tasting an amazing new food; an unforgetable experience that sends shivers down your spine!

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Why should you choose to take a food tour with Us?

You won’t find another food tour company in Paris that offers the genuine, authentic and tasty experience as we do. We know, we have been testing them as part of our market research.

🌟 Exceptionally Tasty Experiences

Embark on a gastronomic journey like never before! Our food tours are not just about eating; they’re about experiencing the heartbeat of Parisian history, culture and cuisine one delectable bite at a time.

👨‍🍳 Expert Food Tour Guides

Meet your culinary sage’s, all of our guides are french food enthusiasts, ex culinary maestros armed with behind the scenes knowledge to help you unlock the secrets of eating well. They’re not just guides; they’re your passport to the secrets of the Parisian culinary scene.

🌿 Locally Sourced, Superb Produce

Forget the ordinary; we’re all about extraordinary! Immerse yourself in the freshest, locally sourced ingredients that transform each dish into a masterpiece. It’s not just a meal; it’s a symphony of flavors sourced right from the heart of Paris.

🎓 Education with a Twist

We’re not here to bore you with facts; we’re here to make you a Parisian food connoisseur! Learn the stories behind the dishes, the secrets of the chefs, and the artistry of each bite. It’s education, but with a generous sprinkle of fun!

👪 Family Friendly Food Tours

Traveling with Kids is tough enough, if your brave enough to take your kids on a food tour too. We got you. We have designed kid friendly activities, teen tantalising treasure hunts and eating challenges guaranteed to educate and entertain. Finally all kids under 5 come free because we think your awesome bringing them on a food tour with you!

💫 Unforgettable Moments

Anyone can eat; we’re here to create memories! Whether you’re a seasoned foodie or a culinary novice, our tours guarantee moments that linger in your heart and flavours that dance on your palate.

What our Guests Say

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Get to know the Food and the Neighbourhood – Highly Recommend!

March 26, 2024

We toured with Chef Tris – it was a great day with such good information – we learned more about the backstory of French bread with him than we did the next day when we took a french bread baking class. We sat at a cafe and had some croissants, went and learned more about the food labeling in France in a little specialty shop. Walked up some hilly roads with the usual cobblestones. Very quaint. It likely goes without saying to wear good shoes. Then we finished it off at the restaurant in very cozy quarters – but our group got along so well we didn’t mind being seated rubbing shoulders. The lunch was really fabulous – with cheese, wine, really delicious escargot, beef bourguignon, bread. We learned the history of the area and the food we were eating. Topped it off outside with macaroon and champagne. Truly a wonderful experience.

Avatar for admin

Amazing Food Tour

March 11, 2024

We had the most incredible afternoon with the most delicious Escargot, and Beef Bourguignon. Our guide Chef Tris was beyond amazing. This is a most when visiting Paris. I highly recommend doing it at the beginning of your trip.

Avatar for Tina J.
Tina J.

Uniquely satisfying slice of food, wine and Parisian life. Unforgettable

August 6, 2023

Tris (AKA The Broke Brit in Paris) was outstanding. Together we learnt so much about how food, politics and Parisian culture are firmly entwined. We were very lucky the all the others on our tour were awesome, all from various places and backgrounds but all united by a passion for food (and wine). As the food tasting (and wine) flowed so did the enjoyment. Stories were shared amongst the group. Laughter and even song from a local singer. An interesting and intimate way to learn and experience a French food focused Paris.

Avatar for Matthew E.
Matthew E.

A great experience with Tris

August 4, 2023

Tris was an amazing tour guide. This was a very worthwhile experience. The food was great. My first time trying snails! A highlight of our trip to France.

Avatar for Dina M.
Dina M.

A fantastic day with Chef Tris

July 22, 2023

Chef Tris was an amazing guide and had a wealth of knowledge about the food scene in Paris. He helped us get a great feel for Julia Child’s neighborhood and the Parisian environment where she lived. We became baguette “experts” learning about the it’s creation and how to identify a great bakery. Tris taught us how to recognize an authentic, handmade baguette. We are still using what he taught us to find authentic French baguettes. A must do trip for anyone who loves food.

Avatar for Thomas S.
Thomas S.

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