taste the real Marseille; a perfect self-guided food tour of marseille

A Picture of Fishermen sorting nets on the port of marseille with the new electric ferry in the backgroun found on our self-guided food tour of marseille

Embark on a culinary adventure through Marseille, a city where ancient mariners’ tales entwine with the zest of modern Provence. Our self-guided food tour of Marseille is more than a mere promenade; it’s an adventure taking you from the grandeur of French empirical beauty at the Vieux Port to the spirited alleyways where multicultural Marseille … Read more

Food Tours Paris Spring 2024: Unveiling Some Must-Try Spring Delights

Radishes a seasonal vegtable we recommend you try with butter on this food tour!

Embark on a Parisian culinary journey with the first in our series of seasonal self guided Paris food tours, we are introducing the spring 2024 culinary trends and sharing a self guided food tour for you to enjoy. As the city buzzes with excitement for the upcoming Paris 2024 Olympics, a culinary revolution awaits, promising … Read more

Exploring Paris: A Locals Guide to the Best Things to Do in PAris

Screenshot 2023 06 22 at 17.03.20 Eat Like The French! June 22, 2023

Welcome to my (a locals) guide to the best things to do in Paris. Paris, where every cobblestone whispers tales of romance, art, and timeless elegance. As your virtual guide through the heart of this iconic city, I invite you to flâner à Paris – to wander leisurely and uncover the hidden gems that make … Read more