Food Tours Paris Spring 2024: Unveiling Some Must-Try Spring Delights

Embark on a Parisian culinary journey with the first in our series of seasonal self guided Paris food tours, we are introducing the spring 2024 culinary trends and sharing a self guided food tour for you to enjoy. As the city buzzes with excitement for the upcoming Paris 2024 Olympics, a culinary revolution awaits, promising a feast that transcends tradition. A commitment to plant-based, local, and sustainable delights for the Olympics hints at a season where each bite becomes a celebration of France’s diverse landscapes and organic allure.

Picture strolling through iconic districts, not just savoring delectable bites but immersing yourself in the vibrant ambiance of spring fashion and the allure of luxury window shopping. The gardens you encounter become living canvases, bursting with blooms that inspire the chefs in their kitchens, infusing their creations with the essence of the season. As you traverse this gastronomic wonderland, envision the impact of Parisian spring not only on your plate but on the very soul of the city’s culinary scene.

Curious to uncover more Parisian culinary delights? Imagine concluding your exploration with the crescendo of a self-guided Paris food tour. The streets from Opera to the Pantheon become your culinary odessy. Today, we will be guiding you through hotspots where Pet Nat rebels, Radish and Butter waltz, and the city’s seasonal treasures await. This isn’t just a tour; it’s a tantalising treasure hunt, a love letter to Parisian flavour that invites you to savour the essence of the city in every bite. Welcome to the ultimate self-guided Paris food tour, where trends, flavours, and memories converge in a symphony of taste. Ready to take the plunge into Parisian gastronomy?

A picture of fresh veggies. Spring Food Tours Paris should include lots of fresh young veggies this year.

In the heart of Paris, where culinary trends dance with the seasons, Spring 2024 unveils a narrative as vibrant as the city itself. As anticipation for the Paris 2024 Olympics electrifies the air, the entire city is in sync with a creative energy that transcends both food and fashion. The upcoming Olympics don’t just inspire athletic feats; they’ve triggered a culinary revolution.

The Paris 2024 Olympics have committed to more than just gold medals; they’ve pledged a culinary commitment to plant-based, local, and sustainable food. Picture this – 80% of the Olympics’ gastronomic spectacle will be sourced from the diverse landscapes of France, with a bold 30% certified organic. It’s a feast that not only celebrates athletic prowess but also champions the environment, introducing Paris to a culinary landscape that’s both conscientious and delicious.

As if that weren’t enough to tantalise your taste buds, Easter is on the horizon. But this isn’t your run-of-the-mill chocolate binge; Parisians have elevated the art of chocolate consumption. It’s about quality over quantity, with locals and visitors alike indulging in only the finest, artisanal chocolates, savouring each exquisite bite. The city becomes a haven for chocolate connoisseurs, where a touch of sweetness and a dash of sophistication collide in a cocoa celebration.

A parisian restaurant you may visit on this food tour during your trip to paris this spring.

What’s on the Menu in Paris – Spring Seasonal Delights

In spring, Parisian tables aren’t just set; they’re staged with drama and finesse. The star of the show? Easter lamb, strutting its stuff in recipes older than your grandma’s vintage record collection. But that’s not all; the veggie supporting cast includes endive and mesculin salads, radishes with a buttery entourage, and peas making a sweet, green entrance.

As you navigate the culinary wonders of Paris in spring, keep a keen eye out for the delicate dance of young leeks in vinaigrette. These slender green beauties emerge as a herald of the season, offering a crisp, verdant bite that embodies the essence of spring. Imagine a plate adorned with these tender leeks, bathed in a French vinaigrette that elevates their natural flavors, creating a symphony of tastes that’ll make your taste buds waltz in delight. And as the season matures, brace yourself for the arrival of the regal asparagus, a culinary star that graces tables later in spring. Whether grilled to perfection or served anew with a classic French vinaigrette, each bite is a celebration of the earth’s bounty. The asparagus, with its distinctive flavor, becomes a canvas for the artistry of French culinary techniques, transforming a simple vegetable into a masterpiece of taste. So, as you embark on your gastronomic journey through Paris, let these seasonal treasures be your guide to a symphony of flavors, where each bite whispers the secrets of spring.

And let’s not forget the divas of the season – the first strawberries. They burst onto the scene, stealing the spotlight with their sweetness. Imagine a bowl brimming with these ruby gems, each bite a melody of juiciness and natural sweetness. But, this isn’t just any strawberry affair; it’s a rendezvous with the crème de la crème – Creme d’Isigny. Revered as the finest cream in the world, Creme d’Isigny transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary. The union of plump strawberries and the velvety richness of Creme d’Isigny creates a dessert symphony that transcends the boundaries of indulgence. It’s not just about sweetness; it’s a dance of flavors, where each spoonful is a celebration of the sublime. So, when in Paris in spring, let the strawberries and Creme d’Isigny serenade your senses, proving that the simplest ingredients, when paired with perfection, can create a culinary crescendo that lingers in your memory.

Picture of a woman pouring wine in to a glass. Enjoy some delicious young and light red wine on your food tour to paris this year.

What to drink in Paris in the Spring?

As for wine, forget the traditional Champagne; we’re diving headfirst into the rebellious charm of Pet Nat. It’s not just a sip; it’s a declaration of independence from the predictable. Opting for Petillant Naturel, or Pet Nat for the cool crowd, is not just a budget-friendly choice; it’s a dive into a world of effervescence that sidesteps the Champagne price tag while delivering a taste that’s anything but ordinary. In every bubble, there’s a celebration of spontaneity, making Pet Nat the choice for those who crave something cheaper, tastier, and delightfully different than the standard Champagne offerings. It’s the rebel yell in a glass, a toast to breaking free from tradition and embracing the effervescent revolution.

Now, picture this: under the first rays of the Parisian sun, the terrace becomes a stage for a symphony of flavors. Young reds take center stage, and as the sun dips low, their vibrant hues mirror the city’s transition from day to night. It’s not just about the wine; it’s about the experience – enjoying the warmth of the sun, sipping on a light red, and indulging in seasonal tidbits at the aperitif. This isn’t just a drink; it’s a celebration of the fleeting moments between day and night, where each sip resonates with the promise of Parisian nights unfolding. So, trade the formalities for a relaxed terrace, embrace the vivacity of young reds, and let the evening unfold in a tapestry of flavor and sunlight.

Picture of fresh radishes a perfect seaonal dish to enjoy this spring on your paris food tour.

My Favourite Spring Dish in Paris

In the culinary theater of spring, one dish takes the spotlight and leaves an indelible mark on even the most seasoned taste buds – Radish and Butter. Now, hold on, because we’re not talking about just any radish. Picture this: a croquante radish, embodying the very essence of spring. It’s crisp, it’s juicy, and it’s ready to tango with the pièce de résistance – remarkable French butter.

I get it; radish and butter might sound like an odd couple, but trust me, it’s a culinary love story that’ll have your taste buds doing the can-can. The croquante radish, plucked from the fertile French soil, meets its perfect match in the form of velvety, rich butter that whispers of early spring meadows. Imagine the cows grazing on the freshest grass, and now picture that essence concentrated into a buttery dance partner for the humble radish.

The proper way to do it is, Dip the raddish in a little bit of salt and the slather it with butter.

The result? A marriage of flavors that’s as poetic as a French love ballad. It’s a bite that transports you to the meadows of Normandy, where the cows are content, and the radishes are the undisputed stars of the culinary show.

So when in Paris in spring, don’t just taste it; hunt down the chef bold enough to sidestep Karen’s ubiquitous reviews and keenly focus on the truly local seasonal produce. Should you chance upon the classic Radish and Butter symphony on a menu, consider it the chef’s masterpiece, a testament to their dedication to the finest produce.

Done right, it’s more than a dish; it’s a culinary revelation that reinforces the belief that sometimes the most unexpected duets create the most anticipated harmonies. It’s not just a taste; it’s a symphony of flavours orchestrating an ode to spring, a culinary crescendo that echoes the vibrant spirit of Paris itself.

People enjoying the rain in the jardin des tuilleries. Make sure to come prepared when you do a food tour in paris this spring.

As you waltz into the enchanting realm of Parisian spring on your self-guided food tour through the City of Light, be ready to embrace the whims of the weather, which cast their own spell on this experience. Spring in Paris demands a wardrobe that gracefully pirouettes between the warmth of sunshine and the occasional rain shower. Envision yourself meandering through charming cobblestone streets, the sun caressing your face one moment, and the next, a gentle drizzle commences.

With the rain comes a metamorphosis of the city, as it awakens with a kaleidoscope of designer umbrellas, turning even the rainiest day into a fashionable spectacle. Should you find yourself without an umbrella, fret not; consider it the perfect excuse to indulge in a swanky Parisian designer creation. It becomes not merely a shield from the rain but a chic accessory that elevates your Parisian adventure.

Ditch the conventional souvenir shops, and immerse yourself in the authentic Parisian spirit by seeking out creations from small designers or, for those on a budget, venturing into Monoprix. There, you can snag a designer umbrella that not only shields you from the rain but also serves as a cherished memento. Envision yourself strolling through the charming streets, your designer umbrella in hand – a practical yet stylish companion as you navigate both the culinary delights and unexpected weather whims of your Parisian escapade. In the City of Light, even the rain becomes a canvas for style and sophistication.

Embrace the Parisian art of weather adaptation, where finding refuge from rain showers transforms into a delightful part of the adventure. Picture darting into a cozy café, the aroma of freshly brewed coffee embracing you as raindrops serenade the windows. Alternatively, envision seeking shelter in one of the city’s enchanting undercover passages, where the echoes of Parisian life resonate through history. The unpredictability of the weather serves as a poetic backdrop, turning moments of seeking shelter into serendipitous discoveries. So, as you embark on your culinary journey, come prepared for the dance of sun and rain, and relish the unexpected charm each weather shift brings to your Parisian escapade.

a traditional lunch at a zync french comptoir in paris this year.

A Self Guided Spring Paris Food Tour for 2024

Welcome to a self-guided culinary adventure through the enchanting streets of Paris in spring. This tour invites you to savour the luxurious offerings of the season, blending iconic landmarks, delectable treats, and hidden gems. Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere and discover the city’s rich culinary tapestry.

Estimated Time: Allow 4 to 5 hours for this leisurely exploration. Take your time at each stop to fully embrace the spirit of spring in Paris.

Total walking time is about 1 hour 30 minutes, it’s mainly flat, with an elevation gain of about 35 meters at the end.

If you want to save the map to your google maps on your phone, click this link and hit save. You can use the map below to explore the stops, walking directions and some of the other highlights along the way.

Like many of our self guided food tours Paris we recommend you start mid morning, and let it run gently into the afternoon as you explore all of the wonderful sights on your way through Paris. To start this tour you need to make your way to the metro stop opera and exit via exit number 1.

A picture of the paris opera house also known as palais garnier where our self guided free food tour starts in spring this year.
Photo by Ignacio Estevo on

Stop 1 – An Opulent Overture at The Opera

Embark on your culinary odyssey in the lap of opulence at Opera Metro, located in the heart of Paris’s most extravagant district. You’ve stepped into the world of Haussmannian grandeur, where every corner exudes architectural magnificence.

Background: As you emerge from the Opera Metro station, take a moment to appreciate the significance of your surroundings. The Paris Opera, also known as Palais Garnier, stands as a testament to the grand vision of Napoleon III and the architectural prowess of Charles Garnier. Built in the Second Empire style, it’s a harmonious blend of opulence and innovation.

Haussmannian Splendor: You are now in the epicenter of Hausmannian Paris, a district characterized by wide boulevards, ornate buildings, and a sense of unapologetic luxury. The architectural marvels surrounding you are not just structures; they’re stories woven into the very fabric of Parisian history.

Parisian Opera’s Grandeur: Before you begin your culinary adventure, delve into the history of the Paris Opera. From its grand inauguration in 1875 to hosting legendary performances and masquerade balls, the opera house holds tales of both cultural significance and extravagant festivities. The Phantom of the Opera, immortalized in Gaston Leroux’s novel, is said to have roamed its labyrinthine corridors.

Your Culinary Prelude: As you stand in the shadow of the Parisian Opera, envisage the decadence of the past blending seamlessly with the vibrant pulse of modern Paris. This is not just a starting point; it’s an introduction to a symphony of flavors that mirrors the elegance of the surroundings.

Read more about the Paris Opera’s history
New Cookie Pizza Flavours being invented all the time at Cedric Grolet’s New Cafe

Stop 2 – Cedric Grolle’s Pastry Haven: Indulge in Edible Masterpieces

Welcome to Cédric Grollet’s patisserie realm, where desserts are elevated to edible masterpieces. As the executive pastry chef at Le Meurice, part of the Dorchester Collection, Grollet’s creations redefine modern French luxury patisserie. A modern-day wizard of the pâtisserie, conjures up delights that dance on the taste buds. Take a bite of his pastry magic and experience the TikTok-famous massive pizza cookies – a whimsical marriage of culinary expertise and viral indulgence.

Grollet’s Culinary Philosophy: Renowned for his innovative approach, Grollet’s pastries revolve around fruits, showcasing a meticulous reinterpretation of traditional French desserts. His ingenious technique involves molding thin shells of white chocolate, expertly airbrushed to mimic the appearance and texture of real fruits.

Global Culinary Empire: In March 2018, Grollet inaugurated his first pastry shop within Le Meurice, Paris, a move that garnered widespread acclaim. Subsequently, he continued to conquer new territories with pastry shops in iconic locations like Opéra in Paris (2019), The Berkeley in London (2022), and a recent addition in Singapore.

Awards and Accolades: Grollet’s illustrious career includes accolades such as Best Pastry Chef of the Year by Le Chef Magazine (2015), World’s Best Pastry Chef by “Les Grandes Tables du Monde” (2017), and recognition by The World’s 50 Best Restaurants (2018).

While opinions may vary on the sweetness of his creations, there’s no denying that a visit to Grollet’s cafe is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, a journey into the pinnacle of patisserie craftsmanship. So, brace yourself for an extraordinary culinary encounter as you step into the world of Cédric Grollet – where every bite is a brushstroke on the canvas of luxury gastronomy.

Stop 3. Place Vendôme – The Epitome of Luxury

Step into the world of unparalleled luxury at Place Vendôme, where every cobblestone echoes tales of couture and sophistication. This square isn’t just a shopping destination; it’s a living testament to Parisian opulence. As you explore high-end boutiques, indulge in the art of window shopping – or as the French eloquently put it, “leche vitrine.” Let your visual palate feast on the extravagant displays that grace these historic streets.

History and allure: Place Vendôme, nestled in the heart of Paris, boasts a rich history dating back to the 17th century. Initially conceived as a royal square, it has transformed into a beacon of luxury. The prestigious Ritz Paris and iconic jeweler Cartier call this square home, adding to its allure. The tradition of opulence continues, making it a must-visit for those seeking an immersive experience in Parisian luxury.

Stop 4. Rue Faubourg St-Honoré – A Shopper’s Paradise

Embark on a retail adventure along Rue Faubourg St-Honoré, where window shopping reaches Olympic heights. This bustling street is more than a shopper’s paradise; it’s a runway of extravagance. As you pass swanky cars and explore extravagant fashion stores, let the pulse of Parisian luxury captivate you.

The allure of retail conquests: Rue Faubourg St-Honoré is not just a street; it’s a celebration of fashion and retail conquests. The reflections in each boutique window tell stories of style and glamour. Feel the excitement, and let the allure of this iconic street become a memorable chapter in your Parisian journey.

Why luxury thrives here: The history of Rue Faubourg St-Honoré intertwines with French royalty, attracting the crème de la crème of designers and luxury brands. From the likes of Hermès to renowned fashion houses, this street has been a beacon for those seeking the epitome of sophistication. Explore the tapestry of fashion and history that makes Rue Faubourg St-Honoré an essential stop on your Parisian self-guided food tour.

Stop 5. Edwart Chocolatier – Olympic-Themed Chocolate Delight

Now, as it’s worth making a note of the chocolates in this stop. More approachable maybe than some of the stores you have been licking the window’s of. Edwart Chocolatier is a haven for chocolate enthusiasts, stands as a tribute to the sweet legacy of Paris.

Indulge in the Olympic-themed chocolate delights, remember that each cocoa creation is a nod to the city’s rich confectionary history. Let the chocolatey symphony play on your palate.

Don’t worry though, there is a bit more chocolate to come if you are looking for something really historic !

Stop 6. Tuileries Garden – Blooms and Bliss

Embark on a botanical reverie as you step into the Tuileries Garden, a sanctuary of tranquility nestled amidst the vibrant urban rhythm. Here, you’re not merely strolling on grass; you’re navigating a living canvas adorned with the efflorescence of Parisian greenery. Each step unfolds a tale of botanical history, where the meticulous landscapes echo the passion of those who sculpted this verdant masterpiece.

The Tuileries Garden’s allure extends beyond its floral spectacle. As you wander through the manicured landscapes, envision the centuries of romantic rendezvous that have unfolded under the embrace of its timeless foliage. This is a place where literary musings intertwine with the rustling leaves, creating an ambiance that encapsulates the poetic essence of Parisian spring.

The garden’s history is as rich as the blossoms that grace its pathways. Originally designed for Catherine de’ Medici in the 16th century, it has witnessed the ebb and flow of royal affairs and the transformative waves of French history. As you immerse yourself in this botanical haven, you’re not just experiencing a garden; you’re traversing through centuries of Parisian love stories and horticultural artistry.

Stop 7. Passerelle Léopold Sedar Senghor – Louvre Panorama

Crossing the Seine via the Passerelle Léopold Sedar Senghor is not merely a journey from one bank to another; it’s a step into a living tableau of Parisian history. The panoramic view that unfolds as you traverse this elegant bridge invites reflections on the city’s unrivaled artistic prowess and architectural grandeur. It’s not just a crossing; it’s an immersion into the heart of Parisian creativity.

Imagine the artists who once found inspiration along this very riverbank. The Louvre, standing proudly across the Seine, becomes a living testament to the city’s enduring commitment to the arts. As you gaze upon this iconic panorama, you’re not just witnessing a view; you’re connecting with the spirit of Paris, where each stone in the Louvre and each brushstroke within its walls tells a story of cultural magnificence.

Both a bridge and a vantage point, the Passerelle Léopold Sedar Senghor transcends its utilitarian purpose. It becomes a juncture where the contemporary pulse of Paris intersects with the echoes of its illustrious past. This is not just a crossing; it’s an odyssey into the soul of Paris, where history and modernity dance in harmony along the Seine’s gentle currents.

Stop 8 – Debauve and Gallais – A Chocolate Epiphany

Now for a regal rendezvous with the past at Debauve and Gallais, a chocolatier steeped in the rich tapestry of French history. Founded in 1800 by Sulpice Debauve, the former chemist to French king Louis XVI, the establishment has been crafting exquisite chocolates that once delighted the palates of royalty. In 1823, after Antoine Gallais joined the company, the chocolatier earned its present name.

Picture this – in 1819, Debauve and Gallais received the royal warrant as purveyors to the French court, becoming the official chocolate supplier for Emperor Napoleon and kings Louis XVIII, Charles X, and Louis Philippe. The legacy of this prestigious chocolatier transcends mere indulgence; it’s a journey into the very heart of Parisian royalty.

Sulpice Debauve’s foray into chocolate creation began as a response to Marie Antoinette’s displeasure with the taste of medicines. The queen’s satisfaction led to the inception of Pistoles, coin-shaped chocolates that became the monarch’s delight. In 1800, Debauve opened his first chocolate shop on the Rive Gauche of Paris, at Faubourg Saint-Germain, marking the birth of a confectionary empire.

The historical importance of Debauve and Gallais is underscored by their appointment as the sole chocolate supplier to the French royal families in 1816. Napoleon’s architects, Percier and Fontaine, designed their iconic shop at 30 Rue des Saints-Pères in 1819, now classified as a historical monument. This was a testament to the chocolatier’s esteemed position in the royal court and its enduring significance in the annals of Parisian craftsmanship.

As you step into Debauve and Gallais, you’re not merely entering a chocolatier; you’re traversing through time, savoring chocolates that were once the favored delicacies of kings and queens. Indulge in a regal connection to Parisian confectionary, and let each chocolate be a decadent epiphany into the splendor of a bygone era.

A picture of the cafe de flore before it became a tourist haunt and famous on instagram.

Stop 9 – A Triumvirate of Famous Parisian Brasseries

As you arrive at the elegant crossroads, your gaze falls upon the iconic triumvirate that defines St-Germain’s allure – Café de Flore, Les Deux Magots, and Brasserie Lipp. These historic brasseries stand as witnesses to an era when the literary and artistic elite of Paris converged within their hallowed walls.

Stop and Admire: While these establishments are no longer the culinary stars they once were, they still exude an undeniable charm. Café de Flore’s facade, adorned with real flowers, initiated the trend of flamboyant floral displays that now embellish the fronts of Parisian brasseries and bistros. This quaint corner has seen its fair share of fame, having been at one time the most Instagrammed spot in all of Paris.

The Legacy: These three brasseries earned their renown not for gastronomy alone but for serving as vibrant intellectual salons. Café de Flore and Les Deux Magots, adjacent to each other, were the favored haunts of literary giants like Jean-Paul Sartre, Simone de Beauvoir, and Albert Camus. The spirited debates and impassioned conversations that echoed through these halls forged the intellectual landscape of post-war Paris.

Historical Footprints: Brasserie Lipp, just a short stroll away, holds its own chapter of history. Frequented by artists and thinkers like James Joyce and Pablo Picasso, Brasserie Lipp has witnessed the ebb and flow of Parisian society. Its Alsatian origins bring a unique culinary flair, and its ambiance is steeped in the bohemian spirit that has defined St-Germain-des-Prés for centuries.

While these brasseries might not be your destination for a meal, they stand as living monuments to a bygone era when the clinking of glasses and the hum of vibrant conversations painted the canvas of St-Germain’s intellectual and artistic renaissance. Take a moment to absorb the historical significance and the blooming legacy of these timeless establishments.

Marche St Germain in the 18th century

Stop 10 – Marché St-Germain – Historic Market, Modern Luxury

Journey through the annals of Parisian history as you step into Marché St-Germain, a venerable covered market that has withstood the test of time. Constructed between 1813 and 1817 in the Odéon district (6th arrondissement), this market is not merely a marketplace but a living testament to the evolution of Parisian gastronomy.

Historical Tapestry: Originally, the Saint-Germain market was intricately tied to the abbey of Saint-Germain-des-Prés. In 1511, Abbot Guillaume Briçonnet erected a double-roofed hall to house 300 merchants. Unfortunately, this structure met its demise in a fire in 1762. Over the years, the market underwent various relocations before Napoleon I, in his quest to beautify Paris, decreed the construction of a new market in 1811.

Architectural Vision: Designed by Jean-Baptiste Blondel, one of Napoleon’s favored architects, the market reflects a harmonious blend of form and function. Blondel drew inspiration from Italian public squares, creating four galleries surrounding a 6,900 m2 rectangle. The structure boasted 112 stone arcades, both outward-facing and within an interior courtyard adorned with a fountain symbolizing Peace.

Struggles and Renaissance: The market faced challenges in the 20th century, with plans for its demolition in 1970. While much of Blondel’s original architecture was preserved externally, an interior overhaul became necessary. Dismantled arcades found refuge in Bercy Park, a tale of resurrection from the rubble. After years of planning and restoration, Marché St-Germain reopened in 2017.

Modern-Day Resurgence: Marché St-Germain’s revival embraced both its historical significance and the demands of contemporary commerce. The market now houses international brands such as Apple, Nespresso, Uniqlo, and Epic. The juxtaposition of these global icons against the market’s historic façade encapsulates the market’s ability to seamlessly blend past and present.

As you explore Marché St-Germain, envision the bustling scenes of merchants and the echoes of bygone eras that have shaped the culinary landscape of Paris. This isn’t merely a market; it’s a living testament to the resilience of Parisian gastronomy and a must-visit destination for those seeking to immerse themselves in the city’s culinary narrative.

Lunch on your Self Guided Food Tour

By this point you have probably walked enough and are ready to sit down and eat some later (or early) lunch. As you are in the Saint Germain area, I have a couple of recommendations for you to enjoy some of the culinary delights available.

My Favourite – L’Avant Comptoir du Marché

A Culinary Haven L’Avant Comptoir du Marché, a culinary haven tucked away in the heart of St-Germain. This lively spot isn’t just a restaurant; it’s a rendezvous of traditional and avant-garde culinary artistry. As you savor each bite, imagine the animated conversations that have echoed within these walls, celebrating the essence of Parisian gastronomy.

You will be sat on tall stools and surrounded by produce and lively parisians on work lunches or just enjoying time with their friends. Most of the food is small seasonal dishes allowing you to taste plenty of local and European produce. Plus, the wine list is to die for and you can order most of it by the glass giving you a real chance to

or somewhere else in St Germain?

Le Bon Saint Pourcain – Swanky Sophistication Le Bon Saint Pourcain, a gastronomic gem where sophistication meets swankiness. Secure your culinary symphony by booking in advance and prepare for an evening of delectable dishes that showcase Parisian culinary prowess. Each dish is a note in the gastronomic composition of this chic establishment.

Check out their review in the Michelin Guide.

La Table de Mee – Korean Culinary Fusion La Table de Mee, a culinary journey that transcends borders. Here, the flavors of Korea fuse seamlessly with Parisian sophistication. Picture the culinary harmony that unfolds as traditional and modern culinary techniques converge. It’s an international twist on the Parisian palate.

Check out their review on Le Fooding.

Stop 11 – Jardin de Luxembourg – Tranquil Respite

Jardin de Luxembourg, where the echoes of Parisian history reverberate through sculpted hedges and blooming flowerbeds. As you wander through this tranquil respite, envision the leisurely moments of past Parisians, finding solace in the garden’s embrace. The timeless beauty of Luxembourg Gardens is an invitation to pause and reflect.

Stop 12 – The Panthéon – Academic Ascent

Ascend the hill past the Sorbonne to the Panthéon, a journey through academia and enlightenment. The Sorbonne’s historic halls have borne witness to intellectual revolutions, and as you climb towards the Panthéon, consider the philosophical echoes that resonate through the streets. It’s an academic ascent through the heart of Parisian thought.

Finishing one of our Paris Food Tours? The Choice is Yours

At this point you have probably walked and seen enough. Time to take the weight off your feet and relax like a true Parisian.

Try Tram Cafe for a more French-inspired literary ambiance

In the heart of Paris, nestled in a cobblestone street just behind the Panthéon, lies the enchanting Tram Cafe – a poetic meeting point that seamlessly captures the spirit of the time. This gem, discovered by the Emily in Paris team for a scene in the second season, has swiftly become one of the city’s unmissable destinations, blending a timeless charm with contemporary flair.

Poetic Ambiance: Opened by Paul Hyatt and Marion Trama, the minds behind Trama Café, Tram is a testament to Parisian ingenuity. Designed by Marie Carmarans Gulin, the decor is exquisite, offering a divinely picturesque and charming escape. Tram’s ambiance, both poetic and sharp, aligns perfectly with modern tastes, featuring natural wines, feminist readings, and delectable vegetable dishes.

Gastronomic Delights: Tram’s menu unfolds a gastronomic journey, featuring a mix of beloved classics and innovative creations. Indulge in their extraordinary croque-monsieur with Prince de Paris ham and truffle salt, a market garden vegetable couscous, or a sublime tartare flank steak from Aubrac. The culinary offerings extend to black mullet ceviche, burrata focaccia with candied eggplant, and a variety of mouthwatering desserts.

A Culinary Haven for All Occasions: Open non-stop, Tram caters to the desires of stylish Parisians throughout the day. Whether it’s a leisurely breakfast with croissants, caramel French toast, or toast with jam, a quick espresso or matcha latte with the famous croque, or a relaxed dinner with friends, Tram has it all. The café’s versatility extends to serving pressed juices on the sunlit terrace, making it an ideal spot for aperitifs, lunches, and everything in between.

A Literary Treasure Trove: What sets Tram Cafe apart is its unique fusion of culinary and literary delights. Marion Wolff, a passionate bookseller, curates an eclectic selection of books, offering a treasure trove for avid readers. From contemporary novels and graphic novels to cutting-edge stationery, Tram’s bookstore is a haven for those seeking not only a delightful meal but also intellectual nourishment.

In this dreamy setting, Tram Cafe invites you to savor the essence of Paris – a place where gastronomy and literature intertwine, creating an experience that transcends the ordinary. Whether you seek a literary escape, a culinary adventure, or both, Tram Cafe beckons, promising a rendezvous with the artistic soul of the City of Light.

Finish at my Favorite Pub – The Bombardier

Cap off your culinary journey with a visit to your favorite pub – The Bombardier for a classic British pub experience. I know, your in Paris, and this was a self guided Parisian food tour. But, I personally can’t visit this part of Paris without ending up at this pub, I have been going here since I first worked in Paris as a chef when I was 18. Every brit that I know who lives here would agree, this is the best british pub in Paris. With beer direct from the UK and cheeky snacks bar snacks made fresh. Enjoy the gloomy pub atmosphere and a relaxing chat with expats and Parisians alike in this (sometimes) rowdy pub.

Final Tips for the Prefect Paris Food Tour

  • Come hungry!
  • Start your tour in the late morning for the best experience.
  • Check for any special events or closures that might impact your visit.
  • Comfortable footwear is recommended for a leisurely stroll.
  • Layers and Raincoats are always needed in Paris in the Spring Time!
  • Map and Directions: Use this interactive map to navigate the tour route seamlessly.
  • If you would like a tour guide to tell you even more about the history and the tastings on this tour, get in touch.

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