Update: Summer Paris Food Tours 2024

An illustratuon showing many Chef's Leaving Paris with the text chef's leave paris and the eat like the french logo made as the banner for our summer paris food tour update announcement

TL:DR – Paris? Pffft… Not Until September, Mes Amis! Eat Like the French will not run any summer Paris food tours until September but we do have other plans for you. Alright, food lovers, listen up. You know I’m all about that authentic Parisian nosh – the flaky croissants, the gooey escargot, the crispy crack … Read more

😱 Shocking Mistake I Made When Setting Up My French Food Blog

an illustration of a group of young french people eating burgers, one of the elements of life in france often overlooked by french food blogs

It’s been a few months since I launched this french food blog dedicated to my love of french food and the joy I take in sharing that with the world via my food tours in Paris. But I know now that when it came to choosing the name, I made a mistake… As someone who … Read more

Unlock the Secrets of French Cuisine: Book A Paris Food Tour Today!

a skyline of paris with the text book a food tour in paris

Welcome to the pulsating heart of French gastronomy—Paris! Here, every cobblestone whispers secrets of centuries-old recipes, and every market stall bursts with flavours waiting to be discovered. If you’re itching to delve deep into this rich culinary tapestry, there’s no better way than with a bespoke Paris food tour. Book a Paris food tour today … Read more

Crafting the Best Food Tour in Paris: A Human-Centered Culinary Experience

sandwich bar with tables on street

We are starting a new food tour company with the goal of creating the best food tour in Paris. But this is the beginning. We are not a company that has thousands or reviews on tripadvisor. How can we prove to your our food tours are the best? Transparency is core value here at Eat … Read more