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Welcome to the pulsating heart of French gastronomy—Paris! Here, every cobblestone whispers secrets of centuries-old recipes, and every market stall bursts with flavours waiting to be discovered. If you’re itching to delve deep into this rich culinary tapestry, there’s no better way than with a bespoke Paris food tour. Book a Paris food tour today and set off on a gastronomic odyssey through the crème de la crème of Parisian delights.

Why Embark on a Paris Food Tour?

Beyond its famed landmarks, Paris is a kaleidoscope of tastes, with each arrondissement boasting its own culinary masterpieces. Imagine sipping a velvety Bordeaux in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower, or nibbling on a flaky croissant as the Seine murmurs beside you. Our food tours aren’t just meals; they are gateways to the soul of Parisian culture, offering a palpable connection to the city’s authentic culinary heart.

Chef Tris: Your Expert Guide to the Hidden Culinary Gems of Paris

As your guide through the labyrinthine alleys of Parisian cuisine, I bring a lifetime of passion and expertise to every tour. As an ex-chef turned obsessive foodie, my years have been rich with gastronomic exploration, meticulously chronicled in countless reviews on Google Maps. This extensive journey has not only honed my palate but ignited a fervent desire to share these culinary treasures with you. With me leading the way, you gain not just a guide, but a storyteller and culinary confidant. I’m here to answer all your questions, from the origins of each dish to the best wine pairings. Even more, I provide the reassuring encouragement needed when you’re on the brink of trying something daringly new. Whether it’s your first time savouring escargot or exploring lesser-known artisan cheeses, I’ll ensure your culinary adventure is both thrilling and comfortable. Join me, and let’s unlock the hidden corners of Parisian gastronomy together.

Tailored Culinary Experiences

Our tours are as diverse as the palates we cater to. Whether you’re a seasoned epicure or a culinary novice, we sculpt your experience to satiate your specific tastes.

  • Private Luxury: Dive into the opulence of Paris’s haute cuisine with our private food tours, offering exclusive itineraries that promise an unforgettable indulgence with a personal touch.
  • Family Friendly: Embark on a culinary adventure that delights all ages. Our family food tours are crafted to enchant everyone, from tots to adults, ensuring smiles around the table and cherished memories.
  • Gourmet Exploration: For those who revel in pairing sublime food with exquisite wine, our food and wine tours offer a journey through markets, gourmet meals, and exclusive wine tastings.
  • Self-Guided Freedom: Fancy a bit of independence? Our self-guided food tours provide detailed itineraries for those who love to explore at their own rhythm, blending flexibility with insightful tips.
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Why Embark on a Paris Food Tour with Us?

Booking a food tour in Paris with us means unlocking a world of exclusive benefits and unique experiences:

  • Exclusive Access: Gain entry to hidden gems and private tastings that aren’t available to the general public. Our insider knowledge opens doors to the most secretive culinary spots in Paris.
  • Answers at Your Fingertips: Have a culinary expert by your side throughout your journey. Our guides are here to answer your questions, from food history to cooking techniques, ensuring a rich and informative experience.
  • Time-Efficient Exploration: Maximize your time in Paris. We handle all the logistics and planning, so you can enjoy a seamless culinary adventure without the hassle of researching and scheduling.
  • Expert Guides: Be led by passionate food connoisseurs who are deeply entrenched in the culinary world of Paris. Our guides are professional chefs, food critics, and local gastronomes who are eager to share their knowledge and love for French cuisine.
  • Culinary Mastery: Learn from the best as our tours often feature demonstrations and talks with renowned chefs and artisans. This is a chance to gain knowledge that could transform your cooking back home.
  • A Tailored Experience: We cater to your dietary preferences and interests, creating a personalized tour that aligns with your specific culinary desires. Whether you’re a vegan, a meat-lover, or have a sweet tooth, we have something special for you.
  • Cultural Immersion: More than just food, our tours are a deep dive into the culture and lifestyle of Paris. Experience the city as locals do, and understand why Paris is revered in the culinary world.
  • Social Connection: Meet fellow food lovers and make new friends. Our tours are social events, designed to connect like-minded individuals who share a passion for food and culture.

By choosing to embark on a Paris food tour with us, you’re not just going on a food tasting, you’re engaging in a comprehensive, enriching experience that caters to all senses and preferences.

What to Expect when you book a Paris Food Tour

Embarking on a food tour in Paris means savouring an array of exceptional flavours, discovering handpicked venues from hidden gems to renowned eateries, and gaining cultural insights from the stories behind iconic dishes—all guided by expert chefs who live and breathe French cuisine.

A Feast for the Senses: Sustainable Eating and Enduring Friendships

When you join a Paris food tour with me, you’re embarking on a journey that’s about so much more than simply tasting food—it’s about experiencing every bite with all of your senses. We don’t just eat; we listen, we watch, we touch, and we smell, learning to appreciate the symphony of flavors that make French cuisine so revered. The lessons learned here may very well change the way you think about food forever.

Beyond the sensory exploration, our tours champion the joy of connection. As we meander through Paris’s storied streets and taste its hidden delights, you’ll find yourself laughing and sharing with fellow food lovers, turning what begins as a tour into a joyous gathering of new friends.

Our commitment extends to the environment, too. We focus on sustainable, locally-sourced produce, showcasing the finest artisanal creations often overshadowed in commercial markets. These are the culinary treasures of Paris—tested, beloved, and passionately recommended. Prepare to discover the true art of Parisian gastronomy with us, where every meal is a celebration of tradition, innovation, and community.

Book a Paris Food Tour Direct vs. Via Partners

Booking directly with us not only supports local businesses but also ensures that more of your investment is spent on enriching your tour rather than covering third-party fees. Although we currently lack a booking widget, we offer exclusive discounts for direct bookings, enhancing the value of your gourmet experience.

Book Your Culinary Adventure with Ease

Ready to taste the authentic flavors of Paris? Booking your unforgettable food tour with us is straightforward and hassle-free. We offer two convenient methods for you to secure your spot:

  1. Email Booking: Reach out to us directly at tours@eatlikethefrench.com. Just send us your preferred dates, the type of tour you’re interested in, and any special requests. We’ll get back to you with all the details to finalize your plans.
  2. Online Booking Forms: Each of our tour descriptions on our website includes a dedicated booking form. Simply navigate to the Paris Food Tour page of your choice, fill out the form at the bottom of the page, and submit it. We’ll handle the rest, ensuring your food tour experience is tailored to your tastes and expectations.

By booking directly, you not only enjoy a personalized experience but also support a local business that is passionate about bringing you the best of Parisian cuisine without the intermediaries. We look forward to welcoming you to Paris and sharing our culinary secrets that will make your visit truly special.

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Hear from Our Guests

Our guests often highlight our tours as the pinnacle of their Paris visits. Delve into more stories on our Customer Reviews page.

Get to know the Food and the Neighbourhood – Highly Recommend!

We toured with Chef Tris – it was a great day with such good information – we learned more about the backstory of French bread with him than we did the next day when we took a french bread baking class. We sat at a cafe and had some croissants, went and learned more about the food labeling in France in a little specialty shop. Walked up some hilly roads with the usual cobblestones. Very quaint. It likely goes without saying to wear good shoes. Then we finished it off at the restaurant in very cozy quarters – but our group got along so well we didn’t mind being seated rubbing shoulders. The lunch was really fabulous – with cheese, wine, really delicious escargot, beef bourguignon, bread. We learned the history of the area and the food we were eating. Topped it off outside with macaroon and champagne. Truly a wonderful experience.


Amazing Food Tour

We had the most incredible afternoon with the most delicious Escargot, and Beef Bourguignon. Our guide Chef Tris was beyond amazing. This is a most when visiting Paris. I highly recommend doing it at the beginning of your trip.

Tina J.

Uniquely satisfying slice of food, wine and Parisian life. Unforgettable

Tris (AKA The Broke Brit in Paris) was outstanding. Together we learnt so much about how food, politics and Parisian culture are firmly entwined. We were very lucky the all the others on our tour were awesome, all from various places and backgrounds but all united by a passion for food (and wine). As the food tasting (and wine) flowed so did the enjoyment. Stories were shared amongst the group. Laughter and even song from a local singer. An interesting and intimate way to learn and experience a French food focused Paris.

Matthew E.

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In Conclusion

A Paris food tour is an immersive foray into the world of French cuisine, curated by those who know it from the inside out. Whether you’re after a lavish private experience, a delightful family journey, or an autonomous culinary exploration, we have tailored adventures waiting to make your Parisian sojourn unforgettable. Book today, and let us unveil the culinary secrets of Paris together!

Bon appétit, and I’ll see you in Paris!

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