“We whistled la vie en Rose as we left” – Aux Crus de Bourgogne, Paris: Restaurant Review

A photo of the stunning snails we devoured Aux Cru de Bourgone: Restaurant Review

Having dined in restaurants across the globe, I can confidently say that Aux Crus de Bourgogne isn’t merely a meal; it’s a journey back to the golden age of Parisian dining. Tucked away just off the iconic Rue Montorgueil (a personal favorite), this family-run establishment, founded in 1932, is a time capsule for classic Burgundian … Read more

The Art of Street Drinking in Paris: A Chef’s Guide to Parisian Outdoor “Apéro” Culture

A picture of Parisians enjoying drinks in the street and having a wonderful time

Ah, Paris in summer. The sun kisses the Seine, laughter spills from sidewalk cafés, and the aroma of freshly baked bread mingles with something a bit more…spirited. That’s right fellow foodies, it’s street apéro season! Forget stuffy bars and overpriced cocktails. Parisians know that the real magic happens outdoors, with a chilled bottle of wine, … Read more

Paris’ Culinary Revolution: The Rise of Street Food and Casual Eats

Featured image of illustrations of paris street food through the ages with the text paris street food tripe or a must try?

One of my fondest memories of Paris street food involves a three am, twenty minute drunken cycle ride across Paris with my French wife on the hunt for a freshly made Crepe au Grand Marnier. This is the only time I have seen her eat food in the street, apart from when she tears the … Read more

Eating Out with Kids in Paris: A Family-Friendly Guide

graphic illustration of families enjoying time on a terrace in a restuarant in front of the the eiffel tower in paris

In the vibrant heart of the City of Lights, where love and gastronomy intertwine, lies plenty of hidden gems for families seeking extraordinary culinary adventures. Contrary to its reputation as a romantic haven and a gourmand’s paradise, Paris embraces the magic of family dining with open arms. I’m Chef Tris, and I’ve lived in Paris … Read more

Celebrating the Fête du Pain: A Culinary Review of the Paris Bread Festival

file Eat Like The French! May 16, 2024

Every spring, Paris celebrates the art of baking with the Fête du Pain, set against the backdrop of the still under renovation Notre Dame. While the towering spires of this historic cathedral are no longer shrouded in scaffolds, the square before it is limited due to the continued restorations. Nothing stopping the french transform it … Read more

Eat Like a Parisian: Our First Group Food Tour Posted on Get Your Guide

Have you ever had the mayonnaise split when you are whisking up what could potentially be a quick delicious home made treat to go with fresh prawns or if you’re lucky and eat like a Parisian freshly boiled eggs? Well I felt like split mayonnaise this morning. You know, that strange effect of lumpy yellow … Read more

Feasting in Paris: Gourmet Food on a Budget

How to eat on a budget in Paris. The watercolor illustration of a cobbled Parisian street leading to a huge door, which opens onto a gastronomic adventure, has been created. A large, cheerful chef stands by the door, inviting viewers into a world of culinary delights. This scene captures the charming essence of Paris and the vibrant experiences awaiting those who venture through the door.

“How to eat out in Paris on a budget” doesn’t just pose a question—it unlocks the door to a gastronomic adventure through the heart of Paris, one that would have made culinary icons like Anthony Bourdain and Action Bronson nod in approval. Imagine savoring the rich tapestry of French cuisine without the dread of a … Read more

Cooking Up a Storm: Can the 2024 Paris Olympics Serve 13 Million Meals Without Losing Its Soul?

A AI image created by Dall-E representing the bustling vibrant parisian markets filled with chefs preparing for the paris olympics

Oh là là, mes amis, we’ve got a piping hot pot of controversy simmering on the Parisian stove, and it’s about to boil over. With the Paris 2024 Olympics sprinting our way, the City of Lights is gearing up to host the world, serving up an eye-watering 13 million meals. But here’s the multi million-euro … Read more