Update: Summer Paris Food Tours 2024

An illustratuon showing many Chef's Leaving Paris with the text chef's leave paris and the eat like the french logo made as the banner for our summer paris food tour update announcement

TL:DR – Paris? Pffft… Not Until September, Mes Amis! Eat Like the French will not run any summer Paris food tours until September but we do have other plans for you. Alright, food lovers, listen up. You know I’m all about that authentic Parisian nosh – the flaky croissants, the gooey escargot, the crispy crack … Read more

The Insider’s Guide: How to Choose the Right Food Tour That Satisfies Every Time

Vibrant street food market scene in Paris with a diverse group enjoying local culinary delights, set against the backdrop of the iconic Eiffel Tower, perfect for promoting Paris food tours.

Today, I’m a food tour guide, before I was a chef who’s diced through the culinary capitals and a traveler who’s tasted the tapestry of global cuisines. I understand the allure and the pitfalls of choosing the perfect food tour. This guide isn’t just a menu of options; it’s a curated selection of insights to … Read more

Unlock the Secrets of French Cuisine: Book A Paris Food Tour Today!

a skyline of paris with the text book a food tour in paris

Welcome to the pulsating heart of French gastronomy—Paris! Here, every cobblestone whispers secrets of centuries-old recipes, and every market stall bursts with flavours waiting to be discovered. If you’re itching to delve deep into this rich culinary tapestry, there’s no better way than with a bespoke Paris food tour. Book a Paris food tour today … Read more

Eat Like a Parisian: Our First Group Food Tour Posted on Get Your Guide

Have you ever had the mayonnaise split when you are whisking up what could potentially be a quick delicious home made treat to go with fresh prawns or if you’re lucky and eat like a Parisian freshly boiled eggs? Well I felt like split mayonnaise this morning. You know, that strange effect of lumpy yellow … Read more

Feasting in Paris: Gourmet Food on a Budget

How to eat on a budget in Paris. The watercolor illustration of a cobbled Parisian street leading to a huge door, which opens onto a gastronomic adventure, has been created. A large, cheerful chef stands by the door, inviting viewers into a world of culinary delights. This scene captures the charming essence of Paris and the vibrant experiences awaiting those who venture through the door.

“How to eat out in Paris on a budget” doesn’t just pose a question—it unlocks the door to a gastronomic adventure through the heart of Paris, one that would have made culinary icons like Anthony Bourdain and Action Bronson nod in approval. Imagine savoring the rich tapestry of French cuisine without the dread of a … Read more

Food Tours Paris Spring 2024: Unveiling Some Must-Try Spring Delights

Radishes a seasonal vegtable we recommend you try with butter on this food tour!

Embark on a Parisian culinary journey with the first in our series of seasonal self guided Paris food tours, we are introducing the spring 2024 culinary trends and sharing a self guided food tour for you to enjoy. As the city buzzes with excitement for the upcoming Paris 2024 Olympics, a culinary revolution awaits, promising … Read more

Best Food Vlogs to Watch Before you come to Paris

AI generate Digital Art of the skyline of Paris at sunset with people vloging in the foreground people eating food at restaurant terraces and street cafes

Here are my picks of the best food vlogs I think you should watch before you come to Paris. As you plan your journey to the French capital, why not dive into the vibrant world of Parisian gastronomy through the lens of engaging food vlogs? Whether you’re seeking the perfect croissant, craving an exploration of … Read more

Drinking Water in Paris🚰 👍🏻 Everything you need to know

Scenes of Paris: The Water Carriers

Drinking Water in Paris is safe and it’s easy to stay hydrated for free. This handy guide is here to help you find and learn everything you need to about drinking water in Paris. Eau de Paris encourages both locals and visitors to ditch plastic bottles and opt for refillable ones. You don’t need to … Read more

Crafting the Best Food Tour in Paris: A Human-Centered Culinary Experience

sandwich bar with tables on street

We are starting a new food tour company with the goal of creating the best food tour in Paris. But this is the beginning. We are not a company that has thousands or reviews on tripadvisor. How can we prove to your our food tours are the best? Transparency is core value here at Eat … Read more