Best Food Vlogs to Watch Before you come to Paris

Here are my picks of the best food vlogs I think you should watch before you come to Paris. As you plan your journey to the French capital, why not dive into the vibrant world of Parisian gastronomy through the lens of engaging food vlogs? Whether you’re seeking the perfect croissant, craving an exploration of local markets, or simply eager to unravel the secrets of French cuisine, these handpicked food vlogs are your virtual guides to the tantalising tastes of Paris. So, grab a nice cup of tea, get cozy, and let’s embark on a delectable journey through the best Paris food vlogs in the comfort of your own home.

The list of the food vlogs and why I like them

Embark on a virtual gastronomic journey through these Paris food vlogs, and let the flavours of the city whet your appetite for the culinary wonders that await you in the heart of France.

From Paris with Love, Part Deux – F*ck Thats Delicious by Action Bronson

Bold and entertaining, ex-chef turned rapper Action Bronson returns to Paris to hang out with his friends, drink wine, and eat some of the best food in Paris. The irreverent Action Bronson indulges in Parisian culinary delights in his signature style. His enthusiasm, coupled with a fearless palate, adds a dash of entertainment to your food exploration.

When I think about it, I feel that it’s somewhat baffling that this is my favourite Paris food vlog. Presented by an American rapper who doesn’t even live in Paris. However, the unabashed over consumption of food, booze and other things coupled with the an insight into the real food that parisians are excited about today make this a truely genuine experience. Fancy doing an off the hook food tour like this? Check out my boozy backstreets tour.

French Food Tours by a Local by Lucille

In a milieu where every content creator seems to be competing for high production values and camera prowess, Lucille comes off as a refreshing change of pace to the vlogging landscape. This local Parisian vlogger not just aims to teach viewers how to dine in the City of Lights ‘like a Frenchie,’ but does so with a grace and authenticity that’s becoming increasingly rare.

Her recent series on her YouTube channel is not just informative but thoroughly charming. Lucille’s French accent, far from being just a quaint addition, adds an incredible layer of genuineness to her guides, making the experience of watching her channel equivalent to receiving advice from a Parisian friend.

The magic of her videos lies in their simplicity; they are shot on a phone, with no heavy editing or flashy effects, reflecting a non-pretentious and down-to-earth approach. This simplicity ensures the content is relatable and the focus remains on the invaluable insights Lucille shares. Whether it’s discovering a hidden gem for a croissant or understanding the etiquette of ordering a “café crème,” Lucille’s tips are practical and meant to enhance your culinary experience in Paris.

Moreover, what makes Lucille’s content stand out is her focus on authentic French habits when it comes to eating. It’s not just about what places to visit but how to truly appreciate and savor French cuisine as the locals do. Her viewers are not just passively consuming content; they are being invited on a journey, a cultural immersion that transcends physical boundaries and can be enjoyed from anywhere in the world.

By choosing not to follow the high-budget route, Lucille’s vlogging style breaks the barrier between viewer and creator. It feels personal, almost as if one is FaceTiming with a friend who wants nothing more than to share the best of her city with you. And isn’t that what true sharing of culture is about? Lucille manages to capture the heart of Parisian dining with her authenticity and genuine love for her city. Her channel is not just a guide; it’s an invitation to fall in love with Paris, one meal at a time.

Paris in My Pocket with Jay Swanson

Jay truly embodies the spirit of Paris through the lens of an American content creator who didn’t just visit the city but chose to call it home. His journey is a feast for the senses, primarily housed on his YouTube channel where he showcases an array of delectable Parisian treats. It’s not just about the renowned French cuisine that gets the spotlight but also the hidden gems that only a local, or someone with the insider knowledge that Jay possesses, would unearth.

His content is a blend of culinary exploration and cultural immersion. He takes his viewers on a journey through the cobblestone streets of Paris, indulging in a diverse array of foods from quaint bakeries, traditional bistros, to avant-garde cafes that are reshaping the city’s food scene. Jay’s vlogs are a delightful mix of taste-testing, from the buttery flakes of a perfect croissant to the rich depth of a classic boeuf bourguignon, ensuring that viewers almost taste the flavors through their screens.

More than just a food connoisseur, Jay is a guide to living like a local. His advice stretches beyond the palate; he covers the nuances of Parisian life, from decoding the intricacies of French etiquette to uncovering the unwritten rules of navigating the city’s arrondissements. His genuine advice is aimed at helping travelers not just visit Paris but to experience it like a resident, to blend in, adopting the subtle art of Parisian living.

For those dreaming of a Parisian adventure or even a move, Jay’s vlogs are an invaluable resource. Through his videos, Jay encourages his audience to explore the depth and breadth of Paris, urging them to step out of the comfort zone of touristy attractions and into the vibrancy of local life. His passion for the city’s culture and cuisine is evident, making his channel not just a source for food lovers but for anyone fascinated by the Parisian way of life.

Eating Bizarre French Food by The Best Ever Food Review Show

Exploring the bustling streets of Paris, one can uncover a culinary tapestry that both thrills the adventurous foodie and comforts the soul seeking the warmth of traditional cuisine. It was in this pulsating heart of culinary innovation that I stumbled upon the charm and fiery spirit of Will Sonbuchner, known more popularly as Sonny Side, whose gastronomic adventures have captivated a global audience.

Sonny’s show is not just another run-of-the-mill food review channel; it’s an adrenaline-infused journey through the corners of culinary creativity, infusing the screen with an energy that seems to burst forth from the very dishes he explores. With each episode, viewers are transported behind the scenes to witness the chaotic magic of kitchen expeditions and the crafting of eclectic dishes that defy convention. His enthusiasm is undeniably infectious, drawing you in as each episode unveils the raw beauty of food creation.

What distinguishes Sonny from other food vloggers is his unbridled zest for uncovering the heart and soul of the locales he visits, delving into the cultural significance of each bite. Be it the streets of Paris, feeding on the oft-unseen delights that embody the city’s culinary underbelly, or navigating the vibrant markets of Asia, Sonny’s content is as much about the people and their stories as it is about the food itself.

But it’s not solely the immersive experience that makes his show stand out; it is also Sonny’s unique style of presentation. His pitch-perfect narrative technique, while lively and engaging, may indeed not resonate with everyone. Yet, for those who appreciate the vibrato and cadence of his voice, it’s like an added spice that perfectly complements the feast for the senses that is his show.

Whether it’s the sizzle of meat on a Parisian grill, the unconventional usage of ingredients that we might shy away from on a regular day, or simply the way Sonny connects with the locals, peeling back layers of tradition and gastronomy, his show acts as an open invitation to not only observe but to partake in the culinary dance of the destinations he visits.

In essence, Will Sonbuchner, or Sonny Side, isn’t just presenting food reviews—he’s providing an access pass to a gastronomic adventure that seeks to engage the mind as much as the palate. His content isn’t just worthy of your time; it demands it, promising an experience as enriching as it is entertaining.

Best Croissant in Paris by Luis

In an intriguing blend of culinary critique and social observation, Italian vlogger Luis has become an unexpected sensation in French media circuits with his recent video. The vlog, which has sparked considerable conversations, offers a dual perspective of Paris—a city renowned as much for its impeccable pastries as its fervent political heartbeat.

The premise of the video is simple yet captivating. Standing amidst the remnants of last year’s tumultuous riots, Luis cleverly juxtaposes the scene of social upheaval with a quest for the quintessential Parisian indulgence: the croissant. His narrative is compelling, lacing witticisms with genuine insights, as he suggests – tongue firmly in cheek – that to truly embrace the Parisian experience, one must witness a riot.

The vlog does not merely skate over the city’s springtime charm; it delves into it. As Luis meanders through the vibrant boulevards and quaint alleys, viewers are treated to a spectacle that is as much a feast for the eyes as it is for the palate. He showcases the very essence of Paris during spring—a time when the city seems to reemerge with renewed vigor, casting off the chills of winter to welcome the warm embrace of the sun.

Luis’s recommendations are far from the mundane tourist traps. Instead, he shines a light on the hidden gems—those artisanal bakeries that have honed their craft over generations, producing croissants that are nothing short of culinary masterpieces. The flaky, buttery layers that crunch exquisitely with each bite become, in his vlog, a metaphor for Paris itself: complex, rich, and infinitely delightful.

What sets this vlog apart is the seamless marriage of gastronomy and commentary. While the city’s iconic éclairs and baguettes often steal the spotlight, Luis’s discourse reminds us that Parisian culture is also reflected in its social fabric—the rhythm of daily life and the pulse of its populace. It is a reminder that the best food is always enjoyed in context—not just of place, but of time and tradition.

For those planning a sojourn to the City of Light, Luis’s video serves as an offbeat guide to experiencing Paris’s dynamic spirit. It challenges viewers to not only savor the sweetness of a perfectly baked croissant but also to digest the complex layers of the city’s social and cultural landscapes. As Luis signs off, with a light-hearted chuckle, you can’t help but agree that there’s no place quite like Paris in the spring—and there’s certainly no better accompaniment to its sights and sounds than a delectable croissant in hand.

How I chose the best Paris Food Vlogs for you to watch?

I’m an ex-chef and religiously watch food shows on YouTube, 90% of the time that’s all I’m watching. The food vlogs I chose are those that are my genuine favourites. The ones that stuck in my mind. The vlogs I think will best help you prepare your trip to Paris. They each offer a unique perspective on the city, tips I agree with and recommend restaurants I have tried. There are no affiliation between myself and the creators above, I don’t know them personally

Check out the playlist on my YouTube channel for even more Paris Food Vlog’s for you to enjoy.

The Paris Food Vlogs I missed out

I’m sorry if I missed you out, or I missed one out and you think I was wrong to do so. Comment with your fave Paris food vlog link!

Exploring the vast array of food vloggers based in the beautiful city of Paris gives an exquisite glimpse into the diverse food culture and culinary expertise that thrives within its streets. When delving into the world of YouTube to discover these food enthusiasts, you will find that each brings their unique flavor to their content, showcasing the rich gastronomic landscape through their lenses.

As an ex-chef with a deep-seated passion for the culinary arts and a resident of Paris, my curation of recommended vloggers is not only informed by professional expertise but also by a personal affinity for a certain je ne sais quoi that resonates with my palate and culinary philosophy. It is worth noting that some of the more prominent food vloggers do not make it into my assortment, not due to a lack in their popularity or production quality, but rather due to a divergence in our approach to food, whether it’s the style of their filmmaking or the substance of their gastronomic counsel.

The pleasure of food and cooking is deeply subjective, and what delights one person may not satisfy another. As such, when I guide others towards vloggers who document and review the myriad of taste experiences in Paris, I do so through the lens of my personal taste and experiences.

For those venturing into this delicious rabbit hole, prepare to be enchanted by the array of tutorials on French classics, insider knowledge on the best hidden bistros, and the vibrant street-food scene that only someone with a chef’s eye could handpick. Whether it’s the bustling markets, the painstaking craft behind a perfect baguette, or the indulgent art of patisserie, these vloggers capture the essence of Parisian food culture, one that continually inspires and thrills those of us who live to eat and create gastronomy.

In conclusion, the selection of food vloggers in Paris reflects personal choice guided by seasoned culinary intuition and preferences. The City of Lights is not just a hub of historical significance but also a beacon of ever-evolving culinary delights. Food is an art, and like all art, it’s interpreted through individual tastes and sensibilities.

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I wish I could make more Paris Food Vlogs for you…

It’s in my plan for this year, it was also my plan for last year. Yet, I have realised that the time and effort I need to make a food vlog that I actually would love to watch currently. Watch this space though, maybe by the time you come to Paris in 2025 you will be able to be watching some of my own vlogs to prepare your trip next year.

Whether you’re a seasoned foodie or a culinary novice, these vlogs are your ticket to savoring the essence of Parisian cuisine from afar. Bon appétit! 🥐🍷

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