“Ditch the Eiffel Tower Selfies!” Your Un-Touristy Guide to Crushing your stay During the Olympics in Paris

An Illustration of two tourists visiting paris and two parisians with the eiffel twer. The Text Parisi Olympics Survival Guide and Paris olympics 2024 logo is overlaid on the illustrations

All the Parisians I’ve spoken too are leaving town during the Paris Olympics, leaving behind the city of love for the army’s of sports fans, champagne quaffing VIPs and hard working olympic volunteers & athletes. The tourist traps, scams and disneyfication of Paris is in full flow, prices have been boosted and quality of life … Read more

Cooking Up a Storm: Can the 2024 Paris Olympics Serve 13 Million Meals Without Losing Its Soul?

A AI image created by Dall-E representing the bustling vibrant parisian markets filled with chefs preparing for the paris olympics

Oh là là, mes amis, we’ve got a piping hot pot of controversy simmering on the Parisian stove, and it’s about to boil over. With the Paris 2024 Olympics sprinting our way, the City of Lights is gearing up to host the world, serving up an eye-watering 13 million meals. But here’s the multi million-euro … Read more