Exploring Paris: A Locals Guide to the Best Things to Do in PAris

Welcome to my (a locals) guide to the best things to do in Paris. Paris, where every cobblestone whispers tales of romance, art, and timeless elegance. As your virtual guide through the heart of this iconic city, I invite you to flâner à Paris – to wander leisurely and uncover the hidden gems that make Paris truly magical. What follows is not just a map but a curated journey, a mosaic of experiences born out of love for the city. From charming cafés where time stands still to the grandeur of historical landmarks, this guide is your passport to the best things to do in Paris. Let’s traverse the streets, linger in the parks, and immerse ourselves in the vibrant tapestry of Parisian life. Bienvenue à Paris – your adventure begins now! 🗼✨

Flâner à Paris: A Unique Perspective on the City of Lights

There is just one thing you need to do when you visit Paris.


Flâner, a word that doesn’t exist in the traditional English dictionary but carries the essence of leisurely wandering and discovering the charm of Paris. If there is one thing I think you should do on a visit here to Paris is Flâner. Learn the art of walking with little purpose and enjoying all the things around you. Use the map saved below as a starting point and join me on a journey through the streets, parks, and hidden gems that make Paris truly magical.

My Journey as a Top-Ranked Local Guide

Embarking on the path of a Google Maps Local Guide wasn’t just about sharing locations; it was a way to curate and celebrate all of my travels. The gamified experience and the simplicity of sharing transformed it into a passion project.

8 years later here I am finally biting the bullet and starting my own tour guide business. I have been ranked on the Local Guides community as one of the Top 100 creators on google maps and have contributed thousands of photos, reviews and responses to the system.

A screen shot of my local guides profile on google maps

I created this map of Paris as a locals guide to the best things to do in Paris. It was one of the most asked questions I had when I was

A google maps including all the places in a locals guide to the best things to do in paris

Navigating the Map: Your Personal Parisian Itinerary

How to Use This Saved Map:

  1. Click on the link here to view the map in google maps (Desktop or Mobile App)
    • Not everything will load at once, so scroll down to see all the recommendations.
    • You will find most recommendations have a little description as to why you should visit.
  2. Save the link to your Google Maps.
    • As long as you are logged in to google maps with your google ID. Hitting the save button will
  3. Enable location services so the map surfaces as you wander through the city.
    • Look for the blue/green squares as you are wondering to get some of my recommendations in real time.
Screenshot 2024 02 27 at 15.46.57 Eat Like The French! June 22, 2023
Don’t forget to hit the save button!

Curated with CareA locals guide to the best things to do in paris

Why These Recommendations? I was getting asked for a locals guide to the best things to do in Paris. So I put together this map that I have been updating for over a year.

The things on my Google Map are based on my personal experiences, this map blends my loves and must-visit Parisian essentials. No sponsorships, no paid features – just authentic suggestions to make your Parisian adventure memorable.

Parisian Gems on the Map

What’s In Store?

  1. Cafés & Boulangeries: Experience Parisian coffee culture and savor pastries in cozy corners.
  2. Historical Landmarks: Uncover the rich history behind iconic landmarks and lesser-known treasures.
  3. Artistic Hideouts: Explore charming art galleries, street art, and creative spaces.
  4. Parks & Gardens: Take a breath amidst the greenery of Paris’s beautiful parks.
  5. Quaint Streets: Wander through charming streets with boutique shops and local flair.

Crafting Your Parisian Adventure

Tailoring Your Experience:

  1. Mix iconic landmarks with offbeat discoveries.
  2. Consider adding a culinary journey with recommended bistros and eateries.
  3. Don’t do the “have to do” things, plan your route to mix everything you enjoy as you wander.

I believe that all great tours of Paris are personal. Remember that Paris is actually quite a small city and on a nice day you can easily walk from one side to the other in a couple of hours. Here are a couple of routes to help you enjoy Paris.

In the morning – Start at the Marche D’Aligre, use my Free Market Tour Guide to help you get the most of it. Following by a wonder through the back streets to Place de la Republique and then into the Maree via Place de Vosges to a booking for Lunch at Parcelles.

In the Afternoon – Start at Notre Damme, make sure to not spend to long here, but instead head to the Square du Vert-Galant and the amazing riverside picture spot. From there head for a Sandwich “deux sours” at Cul de Cochon and then through st germain via chocolate stop at Debauve and Galet to les invalides and then all the way through to the Zig Zag bar where you can fill your belly and drink great wine with loads of trendy parisians.

Need more help figuring out where to go? Drop me a comment and I will try and make a little walk up just for you!

or of course you can join one of my Paris Food Tours.

Your Paris, Your Way

Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a returning friend, let this map be your companion in discovering the soul of Paris. Embrace the unexpected, relish the classics, and create your Parisian story.

If you want a bit more advice we are hosting food tours right now, just drop us an email if you want to join one.

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