Unlock the French Dining Code: 7 Secrets to Eating Like a Local in France

Ever wonder how the French turn every meal into an event to remember? It’s no secret that dining in France is an art form, characterised by a blend of tradition, precision, and a touch of je ne sais quoi. I’m Chef Tris. I trained as a chef here in France and have lived here for over a decade. I’m here to pull back the curtain on the French dining code. I have made it my mission to share everything I have learned about eating like a local in France here on this blog. This quick post is a summary to begin my series unveiling all culinary secrets that locals live by, so you can eat like the French on your next visit, or at home.

Food is almost a religion here in France. What follows might oversimplify centuries of perfection and tradition. However, whether you’re a seasoned foodie or a curious traveler, mastering these simple habits will elevate your meals from ordinary to extraordinary and set you on the path to French culinary mastery. Let’s dive into the heart of French culinary culture and learn how to dine like a true local!

Chef whispering culinary secrets to a child in a rustic French kitchen, depicted in a sophisticated watercolor sketch, highlighting an intimate cooking lesson.

Take Time At the Table

Obvious Secret: Meals are a leisurely affair in France.

  1. The Art of Taking Time At the Table
    • In French culture, rushing through a meal is akin to a culinary sin, almost as bad as walking and eating. The French savor each course, from the apéritif to the dessert, taking time to enjoy the conversation and company. Emulating this can transform your dining experience, making it a time to relax and connect. Taking time to eat has been proven to reduce stress and improve health across a range of benefits. If you want to eat like a local in France, take your time.

Quality Over Quantity

Secret: French meals focus on the quality of ingredients rather than the quantity.

  1. Quality Over Quantity
    • One of the core principles of French dining is the emphasis on high-quality, fresh, and locally-sourced ingredients. This approach ensures that even simple dishes burst with flavor. While the idea of a 7-course meal may sound like an ordeal, remember that everything is consumed in moderation and slowly.

Seasonal & Local

Secret: Eating according to where & when you are.

  1. Seasonal & Local
    • The French culinary arts are guided by two key principles: the seasons and the terroir. Where and when you are dictates not only the menu but also the rhythm of life. With a huge difference in regional and seasonal cuisines, eating locally and seasonally ensures that ingredients are at their peak, both in terms of flavor and nutrition. This habit encourages a deeper connection to the food you eat and the environment it comes from.

Start with an Apero

Secret: Start with an apéritif.

  1. The Ritual of the Apéritif
    • If we talk about food as a religion, then the apéritif is the divine intervention enjoyed by every member of the family. The word apéritif refers to a pre-meal drink that symbolizes the start of the dining experience. It’s more than just a drink; it’s a moment to relax and whet the appetite. In the south, this may be a pastis and some olives; in Parisian high society, then you can expect sophisticated canapés and champagne. Whatever happens, the whole family comes together before they begin to eat to start the ritual that eventually leads to the table. Incorporating this into your routine can set the tone for the meal, offering a moment to unwind and anticipate the culinary delights to come.

Cheese Before Dessert

Secret: Cheese is not just food; it’s a course.

  1. The Cheese Course
    • In France, the cheese course is an essential part of the meal, always coming before dessert. It’s more than just a moment to appreciate the diversity and richness of French cheeses. It’s a moment to take a breather, to taste a tiny bit of aged milk before the onslaught of dessert begins. Looking to bring the French art de la table home? Introducing a cheese course before your dessert will always add a sophisticated touch and deepen your appreciation for artisanal cheeses.

There will Always be Bread

Secret: Bread plays a key role at the table.

  1. Bread is Not Just a Side
    • Rather than just an accompaniment, bread is integral to French meals. It’s used to push food onto the fork and to soak up sauces. Respecting bread’s place at the table teaches moderation and enhances the overall dining experience by engaging more directly with your meal. You will not be served bread with butter, nor are you expected to eat it all. And never will you be charged for bread or water in a restaurant here in France.

Share Meals

Secret: Meals are best shared.

  1. Dining Is a Social Experience
    • In France, meals are as much about socializing as they are about eating. They are a time to gather, discuss, and bond over food. By making meals a communal activity, you can enrich relationships and create a warm, inviting dining atmosphere.
Watercolor sketch of a bustling French café scene with patrons dining outdoors, evoking the charm of eating like a local in France.

To Eat Like a Local in France: These Seven Secrets are just the amuse-bouche!

Embracing these seven secrets of the French dining code isn’t just about changing how you eat; it’s about transforming how you experience food and life. Each meal becomes a celebration, a moment of connection, and a pleasure to be savored. So, the next time you sit down to dine, remember these secrets and dine not just to eat, but to live like the French. Bon appétit!

If you’re intrigued by these insights and hungry for more, stay tuned for the next post in our series where we delve deeper into French dining etiquette. Subscribe now to ensure you don’t miss out on becoming a connoisseur of French culinary traditions!

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