Open Source French Food Media Analysis: Unveiling the Power of Data-Driven Insights

You may be asking yourself the question, why is a food tour company running a food blog in Paris sharing an Open Source French Food Media Analysis tool they have developed? Well, here at Eat Like the French we are a little different, although we may have spent many years working in kitchens here in Paris and around the world. We also, spent many years working at some of the world largest tech companies in Paris and Globally. So we want to be able to share with the world our tools to level the playing field. Why not bring tactics learning in working on OSINT projects with competitive intelligence teams at the biggest corporate internet beasts to the small players in our world? Why not make it easier for the independant tour guide, the artisan fromagier or the tiny creator to improve themselves?

Digital Art of a A chef using art and data in the future to create the best guest experience

Elevating Content Creation with Precision: Our Open Source French Food Media Analysis Tool

In the vibrant streets of Paris, where every corner tells a story and every dish sings a song, I’ve been on a mission: not just to observe, but to understand, to analyse, and to innovate. For me, building this tool started out as a personal project to understand what is the state of the media landscape in France and is there realistically an opportunity for me to build a career that leverages my love of writing, creation, speaking and food and blend it all together. The result? A Media Analysis tool & framework that’s not just a resource—it’s a revelation for businesses, creators, and the culinary curious seeking to carve their niche in the heart of France’s bustling capital.

The Genesis of a Game-Changer

Over recent months, our journey into the depths of data has unearthed treasures of insight into the Parisian content creation scene. This journey wasn’t passive; it was a quest for actionable, tangible assets that not only map the landscape but also guide the way forward.

Open Source French Food Media Analysis Methodology

Our Goal: To empower creators with a tool that’s a compass in the digital realm, enabling you to:

  1. Decode the desires of your audience
  2. Scope out the competition with precision
  3. Capture trends and opportunities that put you ahead of the curve

Too often, lists of “must-follows” feel more like friendly shoutouts than curated insights. Our aim? To cut through the noise with real-world data and observations that bring clarity and strategy to your creative endeavors.

1. Real-World Data: The Foundation

  • Utilizing advanced tools like Followerwonk and SocialBlade, we delve deep into specific channels and topics, bringing you data that’s both broad and deeply nuanced.
  • Initial forays into scraping platforms like YouTube & Twitter set the stage, offering a base from which to build and enrich.

2. Data Enrichment: Adding Depth

  • By curating topics for easy trend spotting and diving deep into content analysis, we bring layers of understanding to raw numbers.
  • Observations become insights, insights become strategies.

3. Influence Measurement: The Metric That Matters

  • Total Audience Size is our north star, guiding content creators with numbers that speak volumes, automatically calculated to bring you the insights you need, without the fluff.

The Road Ahead: Charting the Course

The journey doesn’t stop at collection; it’s about bringing data to life through easily digestible graphics and user testing, ensuring our tools are not just powerful, but also intuitive.

  1. There are levels of automation that can be added to this tool that we are not quite able to build yet as they require both skill and platforms that today we do not have access too.
  2. The data itself could be argued is not complete. There are lots more media channels and creators to map onto the project.
  3. A notion page is not that easy to read, it could have an improved UI

So we know there is lot to be improved here, but we also know that we have created something that should be shared with the world as one of our resources and tools. With the view to learn more and build more.

The Tools Behind the Magic

  • This tool is build with a Notion Database at it’s core as it offers an easy and accurate way to create a relational database for both us and the end user, you.
  • We used tools like ChannelCrawler, Socialblade through to custom scraping techniques, our toolkit is both broad and bespoke, tailored to uncover the gems of English-speaking and Culinary creativity in France.
Digital Art of a chef using our Open Sourcing Media Analysis tool for inspiration and understanding

How to Use the Tool: A Beginner’s Guide to Navigating Our Notion Database

Embarking on your journey through our Media Analysis tool means diving into the heart of a Notion database, where insights and inspirations await at every corner. Notion, with its sleek interface and versatile functionality, can be a treasure trove for creators. Fear not if you’re new to this platform—here’s your map to mastering the basics and uncovering the rich data we’ve compiled just for you.

Step 1: Getting Started with Notion

  • Access: Click on the link provided to our Notion database. If you’re new to Notion, you may be prompted to sign up for a free account, though it’s often not necessary just to view shared content.
  • Navigation: Once inside the database, you’ll find a structured compilation of creators, content, and critical insights—all neatly organized for your perusal.

Step 2: Exploring the Database

  • Browse with Ease: Use the sidebar or scroll through the main page to view all entries. Each entry in our database is rich with details, from follower counts to platform-specific notes.
  • Filter and Sort: Looking for something specific? Utilize Notion’s filter and sorting features to tailor your view. Whether sorting by total followers or filtering to see only YouTube creators, customization is just a few clicks away.

Step 3: Making the Most of Insights

  • Deep Dive: Each creator’s entry is a portal to deeper understanding. Click on any entry to expand it, revealing in-depth analysis, notes, and sometimes links to their content across various platforms.
  • Observations and Trends: Our enriched data doesn’t just list creators; it offers observations on trends, audience engagement, and niche opportunities. Look out for notes and comments within entries for these golden nuggets of information.

Step 4: Engage and Connect

  • Community Building: Found a creator or insight that resonates with you? Use this tool as a springboard for networking, reaching out, and potentially collaborating on projects that fuel your creative passions.
  • Feedback Loop: Your experiences and discoveries using this tool enrich our collective knowledge. Don’t hesitate to share feedback, ask questions, or suggest new additions to the database.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts: Speed up your navigation by learning a few handy Notion keyboard shortcuts. ‘Cmd/Ctrl + P’ allows for quick page jumps, while ‘Cmd/Ctrl + F’ will enable you to search within the database efficiently.
  • Custom Views: Experiment with creating custom views in Notion to tailor the database to your workflow. Whether you prefer a table, kanban board, or calendar, Notion’s flexible interface caters to your needs.

A Final Note

Our Media Analysis tool in Notion is designed to be an evolving resource, growing richer with every contribution and discovery. It’s more than a database—it’s a living, breathing ecosystem of creativity waiting to inspire your next big project.

Dive in, explore with curiosity, and let the wealth of insights guide your path to content creation mastery. And remember, we’re just an email away at should you have any queries or need a guiding hand through the culinary cosmos we’ve charted.

cyberpunk content creators of the future using our open source media analysis tool to create amazing content experiences for their guests

English Speaking Creators in France: A Niche Uncovered

As an English-speaking creator in France, my quest led me to explore this unique community, creating a comprehensive list that bridges gaps and builds connections. It all started out as a simple twitter list to collate ideas and information.

Methodology: Rigor Meets Relevance

I then realised I needed to take a systematic approach ensures this list is comprehensive, yet curated, focusing on creators who live in France, create content in English, and share their passions across social media platforms. Leveraging my knowledge of OSINT and building lists gained during my time as a recruiter, I started to build this list out. If you think I have made a mistake or am missing people, please get in touch or comment!

The Most Followed English Speaking Creators in France

You can view the list of most followed English Speaking Content Creators in France over on my notion. Feel free to make a copy of it or use it when you are creating content or researching information. Please just give us credit if you found it useful!

English speaking creators in france list which can be accessed for free as part of our open source media analysis tool here at eat like the french

The Result: A Resource Unlike Any Other

What began as a personal endeavor has transformed into an invaluable resource for our creative community. Whether you’re in pursuit of collaboration, in need of inspiration, or seeking deep insights, our Media Analysis tool opens the door to Paris’s vibrant content creation scene. This tool isn’t just a bridge to understanding—it’s a platform for growth, connection, and discovery in the heart of Paris.

Digital art of a cyberpunk paris in the future

Ready to unlock the secrets of Parisian creativity? Embark on your journey through the city of light and letters. Dive into our Media Analysis tool now—your first step towards reshaping the narrative of content creation, backed by data and driven by boundless curiosity.

Please Share and Credit: We’ve poured our hearts and expertise into crafting this tool, with the hope that it not only enlightens but also empowers creators across the globe. If you find value in our work and choose to share these insights, please remember to credit us. A simple mention of Eat Like the French or a link back to our site can go a long way in supporting our mission to foster a community of informed, interconnected, and inspired creators.

Explore, Share, and Grow Together: We encourage you to explore the depths of this tool, share it within your networks, and let us know how it has impacted your creative journey. Your feedback, stories, and experiences fuel our passion and drive further innovation. Together, let’s elevate the art of content creation in Paris and beyond.

Ready to explore? Start your adventure with our Media Analysis tool and witness the transformation in your content creation narrative. And remember, in the vast world of digital creativity, acknowledgment and collaboration are the keystones of success.

Join us, share, and let’s create a legacy of creativity and collaboration.

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